Strategic consulting

Assess CX & EX Maturity

Assess sales effectiveness

Design ideal customers and
employees’ journey

Design a customer-centric
organization to support your


Manage change

Project management

Implement a robust customer listening program : “Who, What and When”

Implement an efficient issues resolution model and ideas generation pipeline

Improve Customer services

and Sales effectiveness

Engage all Employees


Market research

Design, build, deploy

(surveys, dashboards, alerts)

Analyze results and


Benchmark with competition

Manage your own panel of

customers and employees’


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Strategic consulting

The way we do business is changing fast. Accelerating trends demand new answers. Better serve your clients become a journey and not a destination, as you must constantly search to improve or adapt to their new needs.

At Averal group, we first evaluate your CX maturity to better scale your needs.

We then help you design your roadmap and governance, re-boost your program and sustain the effort.

No one else knows your business better than you and your employees, we support your creativity and ideas generation. We just bring you the ingredients you need to execute and perform.

Project Management

We support your roadmap execution and ROI generation.

We are results driven.

We think big, but start small and be able to scale fast the NPS program.

We leverage best proven tools and methodologies of continuous improvement to:

Transform results into actionable insights to deliver what is truly important  for your customers, resulting in a better partnership.

Anchor a continuous improvement mindset within our teams & Clients teams.

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2 peoples working with statistics

Market research

You want to go deeper in the analysis? We connect Experiences data with Operational data to identify key actionable insights and better prioritize actions.

You want to benchmark with your competitors? We help you to get accurate data in a timely manner.

You want your own panel? We can help you create and coordinate your own customers and employees’ ambassadors to test concepts faster and accelerate your Go to Market.

You want to rely on experts for some of your recurring activity? We can design surveys, monitor the customer listening program and deliver analysis and recommendation.

Nos partenaires

Averal Group has choseen to partner with strong experts to best accompany its clients

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Capventis’s solution providers experts help organisations collect and interpret operational and experience data. They assist customers in improving their operations and measuring the experiences they deliver, enabled by the power of the Experience Management Platform and methodology.

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Provide tailored experiences across all channels. Your business become more efficient and effective at servicing your customers by helping you to engage with them on the channel that is most convenient to you and requires the least effort.